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Let's collaborate!

I can work with you to create your ideal product, surface pattern or print design. Offering bespoke design work from initial idea to final designs, I can help bring your ideas to life. Surface Pattern Design can be translated onto an endless variety of products, whether you need a wallpaper design, packaging pattern or fabric design, I can offer a creative solution to your requirements. Bespoke design services means that the project is custom to your needs - I will work with you to understand what it is that you require, then develop mood boards and colour palettes. Each step will be influenced and informed by you, and I will create the final designs which you can use for your project. 

First - Say hello!
Initial Consultation

Email me at

Introduce yourself/ your company and explain what you are wanting to achieve, what it is that you require and what time scale you are working to. 

Concept Development

Once I have received your information and established how I can assist you, I will create a mood board. This will include imagery, artist, colour & material references. This will help to develop a strong visual guide.

Colour Palette

Along with the concept I will create a colour palette, this can be determined by you or I can create it for you. These colours can be Pantone matched if required.

Initial Designs 

Next I will start to paint, draw and create design ideas.

I will review these with you to make sure that I am on the right track and in-line with your expectations. I will experiment with different colourways and drawing styles, as well as using Photoshop & Illustrator. 

Final Designs

Your new design collection! I will send you the final designs once you are happy with them and after any final adjustments have been made.

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